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01/20/19 at 7:54pm
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Day Scale for HQ and a gargoyle beast to add to the game (Read 138 times)

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Day Scale for HQ and a gargoyle beast to add to the game
08/12/18 at 11:43am
I've been steadily working on an idea that I've had for a while about tracking when it's day and night while playing Hero Quest and here is what I came up with. Though it still needs to be play tested. This Day Scale Tile is a modified Dragon Strike scale and over laid on part of the design that makes up the Hero Quest name on the board.


While using this Day Scale Tile, you can use this hourglass marker with a red arrow at one end to show which way your moving on the scale (let me know if this hourglass tile does not show up good enough)


The idea for using this scale is: Lets say on a certain quest it says you've traveled all night. So when the quest is started The Player playing as Morcar Von Zargon puts the Hourglass Marker over the Sun on the Day Scale Tile with the red arrow pointing towards the Moon. There after at the start of Morcar Von Zargon move he will move the Marker up one space, at which time he reaches the Moon it becomes night and then points the red arrow of the hour glass towards the Sun. This also helps because some monsters like a Vampire can only come out at night or the day light would Dust them. Heroes having to fight these kinds of monsters only have to fight them until day break or if they are hunting them they have to wait till night full.

Now talking about Monsters that are only active at night as a kid I used to love watching a cartoon called Gargoyles.  In which the gargoyles came in all shapes, sizes and colors. They not only come out at night but during the day they turn to stone and are vulnerable to attack that they can not defend. But in this stone sleep they can cure wounds. Light wounds can be cured in just one stone sleep cycle. They also have wings for gliding and spider climbing ability using their sharp claws. In the quest pack I'm working to put together these are the types of Gargoyles the heroes will have to fight against in some parts of the game. There are also gargoyle beasts resembling a dog look.


Though this web site talking about the show says that all gargoyle beasts are "wingless". I prefer to say that it is very rare for gargoyle beasts to have wings. That is why only one of my gargoyles in my quest pack will have wings.

So my quest pack will also use them. Here is the Monster card I came up with for them: (with the North American Card look.)


card (2 versions)


I would like to mention here that the image for these 2 versions of gargoyle beasts came from two different individuals from the Deviantart website.
FenrirFeather drew the original drawing and allowed anyone to color it. "This is free for anyone to color just do NOT use this to make adoptable s. Keep my signature on it please".

Mighty-C-amurai did the coloring of the drawing mentioned above and the detail shading to this drawing as well. This person was very cool to work with being that I had contacted them about coloring in this project based upon other work they did on Deviantart.

I can easily make Euro Monster Card versions of this card if anyone likes.

I was not sure which of the two color versions I like of the image on the card so I made a card for each so you can pick which one you like for yourselves. Also my gargoyle beast idea uses 3 of them in one quest. For the miniatures:
One is painted green and lite green
Second is purple and dark grey
Third is dark grey and light grey (this one also has white angle wings for gliding.

I can't remember what my miniatures for these gargoyle beasts were when I bought them years ago (they could be hell hounds) but using, a throne room tile by Ron Shirtz. I was able to use Photoshop to make printable paper monsters for these gargoyle beasts. You would need to print out two of these:
and one of these:
I know this post was long but I hope you guys like these new ideas.
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Re: Day Scale for HQ and a gargoyle beast to add to the game
Reply #1 - 08/23/18 at 12:16pm
I really like the idea of a day/night cycle indicator!  I think something that could be clipped our mounted onto the side of the game screen would be most useful. If the scale is double-sided you could use a small "U" shaped clip to go over the outer edge and then slide it up and down so that both Zargon and the players can see.

I started incorporating darkness into some of my Quests back in the 90s as a couple of the players were brutal, blocking baddies behind tanks or furniture or just outrunning them and then picking them off with Crossbows, etc. The darkness helped limit vision so that they had to be close to enemies to attack. The scale is a nice way of continuously showing that visually throughout a game.  

Day/Night might not be ideal if the Heroes are just in a dungeon, maybe an alternate scale just for the level darkness?  

This brings up an interesting question that I have NO idea about for HQ - I don't know how many turns it takes to complete a typical Quest. It would certainly depend on play style, but I could definitely see the Day/Night cycle being incorporated into games - every turn Zargon moves the indicator. You'd want a good number of notches on the scale so that a whole day doesn't pass in 20 turns. But maybe 40-50 turns would be good. If passage of time was a critical factor for a particular Quest this would give a useful mechanic to track that, and would also counteract players from wasting time and skipping Hero turns so they can ideally arrange each Hero around a door before they open it!

Consider this idea Yoinked!  Maybe this is what's missing from the 3rd volume of my expansion?  Hmm, that and a good story  Tongue

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