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01/22/19 at 2:12am
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Prince Magnus' Gold - Quest #4 of first ever Heroquest experience (Read 1594 times)

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London, United Kingdom
Prince Magnus' Gold - Quest #4 of first ever Heroquest experience
08/30/15 at 9:55am
The the four of us had never played Heroquest, and we had an unbelievable time. Two of us had never played any adventure games before. We're on a school trip to an old 19th century fort, and we've played one mission every evening after the kids have gone to bed. It's the most amazing place to play, as it's dark, cold, and we're in an old building with huge stone walls, with the waves ominously crashing against the cliff below...

The heroes began the quest to search for Prince Magnus' Gold. Having had some bad experiences of not sticking together in the previous quests, the adventurers were very careful to stay in sight for reasons of spells and help. The Dwarf - Cobalt the Sinistran Wallsmasher - so called as the dice roll much better if rolled with the left hand and he is always the recipient of the "pass through rock" spell - had a shield. So did the "Barbarian of Seville".

They entered the dungeon:


The Barbarian of Seville led the way, with Vilhelm the Vizard being the last to leave the first room. The wizard searched the room for treasure once the monsters had been dealt with, and found a precious gem.


Stumbling against an orc at the other end of the corridor, Cobalt the left-handed dwarf dealt with the orc once and for all:


In the room, the second orc didn't move, trying to lure the heroes into a pit trap. The heroes were wise to this ruse however, and searched for traps before entering properly. Once the monsters were slain, the wizard entered the room and searched for treasure, and found some gold coins. The wizard was clearly enjoying this adventure immensely, stuffing his pockets full of gold.


Searching for traps, and with the Barbarian leading the way, the heroes were presented with the option of going left or right. They chose left, as they didn't need to negotiate the pittrap. Another room, more monsters, where was this quest going?


With the dwarf and barbarian failing to kill the next orc, Vilhelm the Vizard, having an awesome quest so far, ran in last and poked his staff into the orc's ear!


At this point, the four heroes decided to return to search the room beyond the pittrap, to see if there were any of the teasure chests there. Disarming the trap, the dwarf allowed the wizard to pass. There was nothing in that small room. It was time to press on...


Moving down the corridor it was looking quite hairy, the power of the silence and lack of action was quite something. It was inevitable that something was going to jump out of the gloom. Or was it??


Reaching the next room, there was a feeling that the treasure chests HAD to be there. The heroes has nearly completed an entire lap of the board. Forming up in front of the door, the barbarian led the way. Would this be another opportunity for the wizard to swipe some more gold whilst the heroes were busy doing their job and slaying monsters?


Then something amazing happened. We were playing with Elf Spells (courtesy of Ye Olde Inn). The Elf cast fleet on Cobalt the Dwarf, and the wizard cast Pass Through Rock. Together, that allowed the dwarf to furiously sprint nine squares (rolling only a 4) THROUGH the wall - uncovering the objective room - and out the other side to rejoin the heroes! Notice the CLOSED door:


The heroes formed up outside the objective room, and thought about a plan. The wizard cast genie on the fimir, which slew him, and moved backwards behind the larger warriors. The elf covered the door, protecting the wiard, whilst the heroes rushed in, and killed the two goblins.

Taking the punishment of Gulthor and the two orcs, the wizard cast Sleep on Gulthor. With two orcs gone, the result ended in a win for the heroes.


It was a thrilling quest. I think we have a couple of new fans.


The most surprising thing happened the day after the quest. We were playing in the fort, and one of the staff said "do you know about the secret door" We all thought this was brilliant. So he took a lantern, and took us along a tunnel through the secret door to an old, disused storage area buried deep inside a cliff! After playing Heroquest, this was the most exciting thing that could have possibly happened. Unfortunately there was no treasure though...
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