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01/20/19 at 7:02pm
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kickstarting? (Read 2520 times)

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TX, Texas, USA
07/14/15 at 8:22am
      Was just wondering if you had thought about kickstarting this game. That could generate funds to finish up whatever you have left. Maybe produce a large fancy rulebook and official cards etc.

      I have supported 3 games officially from there and would gladly do so if this ever went to KS.

      Just a thought.
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Gardena, California, USA
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Re: kickstarting?
Reply #1 - 07/24/15 at 2:11pm
Yes, ever since Kickstarter had become a thing, I've been thinking about it. Grin

The thing holding me up is that I want to make sure everything is complete and in working order before I even try to start a campaign. I don't wanna be one of those guys who takes people's money, takes a few years, then ships out something crappy. I want to have everything done, prices quoted, and ready to fire as soon as funding ends, provided it gets enough.

Right now I'm kinda redoing a lot of the graphics for the game components. When I first designed them, they were done with minimalistic printing costs for home printers in mind. Things like the cards, especially. I'm creating full-color graphics for them with full-bleed edges so they'd look presentable on a table, and will be set up for professional printing and die-cutting.

I'm also in the process of converting the rule books from MS Word shit-ass "Why the hell did I ever think this was a good idea" format into Adobe InDesign. Wasn't easy at first; had to teach myself how to use the software from scratch, but I got it all working. When it's all complete, it'll all look a lot more professional than it does now.

Not sure if I'm going to even try to get Miniatures done at this point. Might just stick with the standees, since they'll be cheaper to produce and that cost saving can be passed to the customers, something that's always been big in my book.

Anyway, thanks for mentioning it. Always nice to see a bit of interest in the game! Smiley
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Regensburg, Bayern, Germany
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Re: kickstarting?
Reply #2 - 07/25/15 at 1:49am
That answer sounds so much better than "Sure, let's do this! Let's make a new HeroQuest without any copyright or plan whatsoever! Yay, money!"

It's also the answer I would've expected from you, Biff, and the reason I would very likely back a Dungeon Crawl project.
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