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01/18/19 at 10:00am
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Arcane Quest 2 - Mobile game for Android, iOS and Windows Phone (Read 4575 times)

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Arcane Quest 2 - Mobile game for Android, iOS and Windows Phone
11/03/14 at 6:39am
Fellow HeroQuest lovers, I humbly present to you Arcane Quest 2, a mobile game inspired by HeroQuest and other RPG bordgames, which is now in it's Beta testing stage.

As an image is more than 1000 words, please check out the video trailer to see what's about:

The game will feature:
- 8 unique heroes, each one with its own set of stats and abilities: Warrior, Dwarf, Wizard, Elf, Evoker, Assassin, Cleric and Ranger.
- Around 30 quests, splitted between the main story line and side quests
- 100 pieces of equipment: weapons, armors, bracers, boots and so on
- 50 different spells
- A standard RPG progression system, your heroes will level up by completing quests, to improve their stats and equip better items.
- Tabletop gameplay style, with real combat dice, mixed with the enhancements that a mobile platform allows.
- And a lot more to find out.

The game will be released for FREE, with just a few premium contents.

It's currently in Beta stage on all platforms, if you wish to try it out, just drop me a message here on in private, I'll be happy to add you to the group Smiley

You may find some useful info in the facebook page here:

Thank you for your attention, and long life to HeroQuest!

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