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01/18/19 at 10:49am
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Hulk Crusade (Read 4597 times)

Lurch is a sexy man-god!

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Hulk Crusade
01/04/14 at 12:53am
Hulk Crusade: THE RULES - by Gioacchino Prestigiacomo, 1997

Have you left this old game in the attic? Brush the dust off!
With a few simple rules it will transform into a fast new tactical game, similar to the new edition of " Space Hulk" .
Unless otherwise indicated , all normal Space Crusade/Starquest rules apply.
Before you start playing , you have to make some small modifications to the original game :
1 . Remove all the Marine Order Cards .
2 . Eliminate the ALIEN TASK FORCE aliens events.
3 . Eliminate the MECHANIZED ASSAULT alien events.
4 . Eliminate the FRENZY! events alien.
Modify the text of the Ultramarine equipment card MEDI-KIT to:
" The emergency room absorbs two heavy weapons dice wounds
inflicted by one of your opponent. This card is discarded after use . "
Modify the text of the NEW ORDERS alien event card to:
" Chose one marine player. In his next turn, that player rolls a die to add to his Command Points "
Modify the text of the BATTLE PLAN card to:
" In their next turn , all players roll a die to add to their Command Points"
Modify the text of the COMMUNICATIONS MALFUNCTION card:
"Play this card against a marine player. That player can not use any control points in his next round "

 Eliminate all the alien reinforcement tokens.
Each player will have to take:
- 1 commander with a weapon of your choice.
- 1 Marine with heavy weapon choice .
- 3 marines with laser rifle .
- 1 die numbered from one to six .
- 3 cards to equipment choice.
- 1 scanner.
- 1 unit summary table (found at the bottom of the Rules ).
Normally use all other rules relating to the deployment of the unit
as specified in the Rules or in the Mission book.

Nota Bene: The commander a single point like
all other Starquest miniatures  (except the Dreadnought which has three).
From now on, the indicator on the scanner that marked the number of points
life of the commander, will serve to indicate the number of Command Points that a
marine player has during your turn (see paragraph 5).
3. The initial provision of the Aliens
The Alien player will have to take:
- All Blip tokens.
- Alien Events Cards.
- The missions book
- 1 unit summary table (found at the bottom of the Rules).
Normally use all other rules relating to the deployment of the unit
as indicated in the Rules and in the book of the missions, ignoring all reinforcement Markers.

From now on, consider the value of each unit of movement as the
number of action points that it can play in a turn (eg, a
Gretchin with a movement of 8 points has 8 AP, a Marine with a heavy weapon
has 4, 6 commander, android 4, etc..) These points are used
to open or close doors, move, fight, etc.. When a unit has uses up all the AP's
at its disposal and has made all the moves you want,
the player can activate another unit. You can not go on a piece already
moved after having activated another, unless you are using Command Points (see Section 5).

     Forwards 1 Square 1
     Turn 90 degrees 1
     Reverse 1 Square 2
     Shooting with two or more white dice 1
     Shooting with two or more red dice 2
     Fighting Melee 1
     Open / Close door 1

(For example, an Ork with 6 PA may advance two squares spending 2 AP,
turn 90 degrees to the right by spending another PA, move diagonally
another box and shoot twice spending the last 2 PA).

At the beginning of your turn to play, the marine player rolls a six-sided die
to find the number of Command Points (CP) at its disposal to
that turn. These points are marked on your scanner using the commander life indicator.
The CP can be used as additional
Action Points. Can also be used by a marine who has already finished
his move. The PCs are unexpended at the end of the turn turn are lost.

As in original rules , each piece can move in the vertical direction
but not lateral or diagonal , preserving its facing. To turn a piece
90 degrees  , you have to spend 1 Action Point. During the movement
you can not pass or stop on a square occupied by a
friend or enemy unit. You can not move diagonally between two adjacent squares
occupied by another unit or a wall.

The player can not convert an alien marker after it moved..
As soon the marker is revealed, it is replaced by the corresponding Miniature , and can move and
attack normally ( voluntary conversion ) . When a marine is
able to see a marker Blip, he converts it into the corresponding Miniature
and places it in front of pleasure ( involuntary conversion ) . All other
rules on their movement and location remain unchanged.

All the rules of the game remain the same : run the same number of dice
normally used for fighting. Keep in mind that you can shoot
only at targets in sight that you have in your arc of fire. every shot
shot with two or more red dice costs 2 action points , while one shot with
two or more white dice costs 1 AP . So for example , an orc can shoot
6 times in a row!
NOTA BENE: To reduce the potential for devastating fire of Gretchin
that can fire 8 shots consecutively , apply the following rule:
every time the roll of the dice will get a double zero their weapon
jams and can no longer fire into the next round ( the weapons of Gretchin
you know, are little unreliable ) .

A unit can only perform H2H combat against another
unit placed in the box adjacent to the front . If not indicated otherwise ,
you can not attack diagonally one unit.
If you attack an enemy piece from the side or back , the latter will defend
with one fewer die of his choice (note that it is not possible
reduce to zero the number of dice to roll ) . If he wins the attack inflicts
no damage but turns to face his opponent . All other rules
remain unchanged.
NOTE: The melee attack always costs 1 AP whatever
number of dice launched from the unit.

Compared to the original rules , the doors open are not eliminated from the game but
they close automatically at the end of each player's turn . You can
destroy a door by shooting only . Each door has a armor value equal to 1 point.

All the rules relating to scores and advancing in rank Remain unchanged.
Modify only the following rules:

Depending on the degree of your commander, add a certain
number of Command Points(CP) to those possessed from time to time.
   sergeant +0
   Lieutenant Junior +1
   Senior Lieutenant +2
   Junior captain +3
   Senior captain Winner of Campaign
For each Honor Badge owned, the player receives 1 extra marine equipment card.
As usual, trade in 4 Honor Badges to rise one rank.

Depending on the level you have achieved, you have at your disposal a
number of Command Points (CP):
   renegade 0
   Warrior 1
   sample 2
   commander 3
   Lord of Chaos Winner of Campaign
For each GRADE CP, the player receives 1 Alien events card
chosen at will. This card can be played according to the normal rules.
As usual, trade in 4 Marks of Chaos to rise one rank.

The marine player may  use a team of
five Terminators instead of a squad of Space Marines. The Terminator team is composed of:
- 1 Terminator Sergeant armed with a Storm Bolter and Power Sword.
- 3 Terminator armed with Storm Bolter and Thunder Hammer.
- 1 Terminator armed with mallet and Enhanced Heavy Flamer.
Each Terminator armor has a value of 3 points and 4 Action Points at its disposal.

Change the characteristics of the Genestealer with these new values:
   Action Points: 6
   Armor Value: 2
   Fire: none
   Hand to Hand Combat: 2 red and 2 white dice
When you place a Genestealer on the game map, place it facing and adjacent to the unit you want to attack.
Compared to other miniatures, a Genestealer can move laterally at a cost of 1 AP and can turn 90 degrees without any expense.

Here is a detailed description of the weapons used by the Marines . between brackets
the original name of the weapon.
In Starquest was translated with the name of Glove Mortal . Hand-to-hand weapon, inflicts 1 white and 1 red dice of damage. Coupled with the Sword
Energy, inflicts a total of 2 white dice and 2 red wounds .
Sword energy can ward off the blows of the opponent during Hand-to-hand combat.
When you decide to parry , force the opponent to reroll one of his dice of your choice immediately.
You can also use this option
with the sword of your marine commander . The Power Sword can not
be used to defend against  from the side or behind. Hand-to-hand weapon,  inflicts 1 white and 1 red dice of damage.
Matched with Thunder Hammer, inflicts a total of 2 white dice and 2 red wounds .
In Starquest was translated with the name of Axe Mortal . Hand-to-hand weapon, inflicts 2 red dice of damage.

Inflicts 2 white dice
of wounds. Shooting with the Bolt Pistol costs 1 AP.
Inflicts 2 white dice
of wounds. Shooting with your Bolter costs 1 AP.
Storm Bolter
An improved version of the double-barreled Bolter. inflicts 3 white dice of damage.
Shooting with the Storm Bolter costs 1 AP.
Inflicts 2 Red dice wounds. Its radius of the fire remains unchanged as per rules.
Shooting with your Flamer costs 2 AP.

Inflicts 2 red dice of damage.
Shooting with the Heavy Bolter costs 2 AP.
Uses the same arc of fire and Flamer roll 3 red dice
damage to all units which are within its range .Each heavy Flamer can shoot 6 times.
Shooting with the Heavy Flamer costs 2 AP .
Attacks with 2 red dice of damage. Its radius of the fire remains unchanged as
Rules. Shoot them with your cannon assault costs 2 AP .
Attacks with 2 red dice of damage. Its radius of the fire remains unchanged as
Rules. Shooting them with your Rocket Launcher costs 2 AP .

15 PLAY "Space Hulk"
You can use these rules with the new version of the game Space
Hulk. Modify only the type of dice to roll with those of Starquest and
leave unchanged ALL other rules (including those relating to the Jamming , the fire in Overwatch , use of Flamer and Flame refills )
omitting those relating to sustained fire .
Therefore, when you shoot in Overwatch throw the " jam " dice for
create chain fire Heavy Flamer use their Flame tokens
(each of which Attacks with three red dice), can advance
in a move and shoot at the cost of 1PA , you can reload the Flamer
Heavy cost of AP 4 , and so on .
Terminator armed with a Storm Bolter and Thunder Hammer enters Overwatch spending 2 AP .
The Alien player's turn, a Genestealer advances
towards its arc of fire . The Terminator shoots ( because of Overwatch ) and throws the jam die
along with the three white dice . The dice throw is
a 2 and in addition the weapon jams ! The shot fails to pierce the chitinous armor
of the alien that makes undisturbed and attacks him in melee . the
Terminator defends himself with the Thunder Hammer rolls 1 die and a white
getting a red one . The Genestealer attacks him throwing two dice red and two
getting a white 4: the difference is 3 points , which are not suficienti
to pierce the armor of the Terminator (whose value armor is equal to three points) .
The fight continues ...
Have fun !
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Lurch is a sexy man-god!

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Re: Hulk Crusade
Reply #1 - 01/04/14 at 12:58am
Translated from Italian, without the author's permission. Or any knowledge of Italian. (It seems to be a cross between Spanish and Latin).

Essentially, the Commander has one point, and the 0-6 on the plastic console is for command points, like Space Hulk. "A die" is presumably a D6. The MEDI-KIT card seems pointless if everybody has one life point. Maybe revive a marine who just got killed instead.
You could pretend the Space Crusade board has 1 square width corridors, or use a suitable tileset, I suppose.

In Italy you don't "roll the dice", you "charge your nuts". It is serious stuff.

" obbligate l’avversario a rilanciare immedia- uno dei suoi dadi a vostra scelta."
"forced the opponent to immediately revive one of his nuts of your choice."

Melee is "Hand-to-body" in Italy, hence the need to revive your opponent's nuts at regular intervals. They seem to be a passionate lot, certainly.

Questo mi sta giocando con me stesso:
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