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01/22/19 at 1:56am
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New Creature Card Vampire (Read 10562 times)

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Re: New Creature Card Vampire
Reply #20 - 03/09/15 at 6:19am
I have found a few place on line where they talk about adding vampires to HQ. I like this idea and why not the elf quest pack kind a added werewolves. I have a few questions though and I'm hope Arcade floret bobongo muwanga, Glaurung  does't mind trying to answer them.

First is for Arcade floret bobongo muwanga. You had said when you posted the vampire monster card that you were going to introduce a rule for "Vampiric Regeneration". Did you ever get than done and could you post it just email me a copy of the rules you made. Also what Necromancer spells does your Vampire lord use and how many spells does he get to choose from.

My second set of questions is for Glaurung. You had said on this post that you have actually written a whole quest pack around vampires using a variety of miniatures and a bastardised version of the Warhammer canon. However, at the time you said that you didn't think you would post anything about it until it's been play tested. I get that was back in 07 but you said at that time that you should have news about a month or so after you post talking about it. Have you posted this pack anywhere? If not would you mind sending me a copy of it. or posting it here?

I had some ideas myself about a few quests dealing with vampires. It would have to with finding a person (an NPC) to help and guild you to a vampire castle. Later while working with her they find out that she is a werewolf and will only help if they help her first. There is a rival werewolf pack that have already brought back one of their old pack leaders from the grave. Though this undead werewolf is fresh from the grave and not to full strength yet, he is having his pack raise his mate. So they can once again reign and once again wreck havoc on the world. After defeating this foe he will help go after the vampires the hero's need to destroy.

thanks adam
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