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Message started by Rsleeezy on 09/07/18 at 4:23pm

Title: Hero Quest: Reforged
Post by Rsleeezy on 09/07/18 at 4:23pm

A mock game.

Spell card backs.

Hello all,
I'd like to share with you my creation, Hero Quest: Reforged. Please look through the screenshots and tell me what you think! I know there are a lot of custom spells and heroes floating around that have less than desirable card art/backs. I try to keep everything as original as possible. I made slight adjustments to the cards, just so everything blends slightly better. I use GIMP to create all cards and dice. Most of the art is from Magic the Gathering, Path of Exile, or various sources online. The board is completely modular and is built as heroes move through the quest. Due to the nature of this being an online simulator, it makes it much easier to make balance changes to heroes and spells on the fly. I haven't touched this mod in about a year, but plan on opening it back up and finishing it. If any of you are interested in sitting down and playing a few quests, be sure to let me know. The simulator used is absolutely amazing and supports any type of board game imaginable.

The simulator I used is "Table Top Simulator"

Unfortunately, Imgur converts PNG images to JPG when they are too large.

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