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Message started by Nicodemus on 09/05/18 at 3:50pm

Title: Shadow Box
Post by Nicodemus on 09/05/18 at 3:50pm

The door to my games and hobby room has a framed print of the HQ box art by Les Edwards on it, but I wanted something a little more creative for inside the games room...

HeroQuest Shadow Box
Now, the scale won't be ideal because I can't get that much perspective with a shadow box to pull off the HeroQuest box art by Les Edwards. Nevertheless, I acquired a number of models over the past year and had enough to start putting this together.

Cutting the archways - I used a template to cut the openings for both sides of the background to make them uniform and used the central piece I removed so I could trace the outer circumference as a guide for cutting the surrounding pieces. To make this I used foamboard for everything and just peeled the paper away from one face.

I backed Diego Pinilla's Pantheon of Chaos 2 Kickstarter and got Khaldor Skullface, modeled after the Chaos Warlock on the HQ box art. Khaldor came with a skull base, sword and sceptre so I need to modify his hands. The step position already matches the box art.

Assembling the Heroes

I printed out a high res HeroQuest logo at 300 DPI, carefully cut around the outline and then touched-up the exposed edges of the photo paper with black Sharpie.

The steps were made with strips of plastic. To make the block pattern for the steps I just cut a "V" shape into the plastic and nicked some of the edges to give it a worn look, then glued each strip down.  I added a lip to the edges that meet the archways so that there would be consistent flooring, even with the little depth that there is.

It's a snug fit as there's less than 1" of depth (closer to 3/4", so a couple of the Heroes protrude more than I'd like, but it is what it is.

After this I decided not to use the HeroQuest logo and instead looked to the game screen for inspiration.

I trimmed a few pieces off of some spell effect scenery from a Games Workshop kit

With some creative joining this will make for a cool spell effect, and better than I can create with wires and Green Stuff on my own!

I trimmed Zargon/Morcar's cape. The symmetry looks really good now I think!  His book and head are a separate layer that's a few mm higher than the rest of the background, and then his tome itself is another separate piece that's also raised up, making for a pseudo-3D effect.

A view down the front showing the shallow depth I'm working within.  I also pinned the feet so that I can secure the Heroes in place later.

Although it's contrary to the original artwork I added a few dungeony things around:

Gold coins

And what will become 5 HeroQuest dice!


Title: Re: Shadow Box
Post by Nicodemus on 09/12/18 at 10:10am

Getting there... slowly.


Title: Re: Shadow Box
Post by Shannon510 on 09/13/18 at 10:53am

Wow.  that is really well done.  Looks great and super idea.

Title: Re: Shadow Box
Post by Nicodemus on 09/15/18 at 9:16am


... and in its new home in the gaming/hobby room


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