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Message started by Lotus on 04/02/17 at 8:28am

Title: Legend of the Sacred Sword Big Update
Post by Lotus on 04/02/17 at 8:28am

So since I posted about this a while ago, I have done tons of revision work and alterations, played piles of games.  And am finally solidifying all the basic mechanics so I can work on getting a playable demo kit together and start working on the upper level mechanics.  
Here is a video I did showing the game a little, I do need to reshoot this to fix a few oversights and issues, but I think it demonstrates the game well.  I know you guys will appreciate it as it is designed to harken to the simplicity of Heroquest with a lot of additional stuff for flavor.  

We do have a facebook group as well, and will be launching a resin mini line in the near future.  

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