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Message started by finnpalm on 01/19/17 at 1:35pm

Title: Sir Ragnar anecdote
Post by finnpalm on 01/19/17 at 1:35pm

I just recalled a gaming session that I ran for some kids at ages around 9 and 10. This is not really a battle report, but it's a fun incident that occurred during the game that I want to share.

So, they've found Ragnar and set off the alarm. They're in the last room before they reach the corridor that leads to the room with the exit. The kid playing the barbarian is thirsty for blood and starts to move out into the corridor to slaughter some greenskins, however they have hesitated for a while after the alarm went off so the corridor is quickly filling up and thus they are swarmed by enemies with no choice but to cut their way through just about every enemy that exists on the map. The nine year old girl who plays the wizard ponders this and her own fragility and asks if she can cast "walk through walls" on others? I immediately understand what she's getting at and I find it so amusing and incredibly smart that I just say yes. She casts the spell on Sir Ragnar who proceeds to pass through the two walls separating them from the exit and in one turn he leaves the dungeon. Then the wizard walk behind the barbarian and the dwarf who are doing their best, which isn't good enough, to kill all the greenskins. Once the wizard sees an opening she makes a run for the exit. The elf follows suit. The rest die in battle and the wizard and the elf shares the bounty while the other two kids ponder their mistake.

Good times.

Title: Re: Sir Ragnar anecdote
Post by Biff on 01/19/17 at 2:35pm

That's great problem solving!

Title: Re: Sir Ragnar anecdote
Post by Stig on 01/19/17 at 2:37pm

Awesome stuff! Love it how you rewarded the kid who did some lateral thinking. They'll have great memories of the game and defo want more! What's also thematic is that the heroes who had brain survived, but those with brawn perished in the dungeon. Great story.

Title: Re: Sir Ragnar anecdote
Post by knightkrawler on 01/20/17 at 12:44pm

Yeah, nice story.
But the spell does expressly allow it to be cast on "any one player",
and the fact that a "player" uses two figures including Sir Ragnar, makes it right.

Title: Re: Sir Ragnar anecdote
Post by finnpalm on 01/21/17 at 1:02am

We were playing the Swedish version which suffers from some terrible translation errors. I should make a thread about those some day because they're actually game breaking and before internet really became a thing we interpreted them as best we could. In later years I have checked the original wording on ye olde inn and having worked as a translator for several years, localizing a computer game, it's fairly simple to play the game correctly now.

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